• Brand Naming
    Brand Naming

    It's anything but simple, but we love to run through the hoops of phonetic simplicity, easy spelling, connotations, cultural and demographic contexts. We explore all routes whether coined, associative descriptive, whimsical or 'out the box' to arrive at a name that makes a strategic impact.

  • Brand ID
    Brand ID

    We are passionate about creating and reinventing brands. With the judicious use of colour, fonts and graphics, we create brands that are recognisable, communicative and lasting. A logo should not literally describe what the business does but rather, identify the business in a way that is recognisable and memorable. The creativity in designing a logo is not focusing on the subliminal—or the art—it's in making an impact.

  • Brand Guidelines
    Brand Guidelines

    In order to create a seamless brand experience, your brand image needs to be consistent across all of your touch points. We create this style bible for your brand, laying down clear and simple rules, detailing everything from colour, font, size and indicative templates. Consistence and synergy across communication platforms maximises your brand impact.

  • Print Design
    Print Design

    Anything that you need to educate, inform and persuade your audience/customers — advertisements, flyers, posters, brochures, annual reports, mailers...We create collaterals that are eye-catching, crisp and spot on!

  • Audio Visuals
    Audio Visuals

    A Motivational AV for an offsite, fun stuff for You-tube, or flash presentations for training, sales or demos.Starting with a sparkling script that brings the subject alive we create presentations that captivate.

  • Publication Design
    Publication Design

    A communication tool - say a newsletter or a manual, or a commerorative opportunity that calls for a Coffee Table Book.We can help through the entire gamut from planning, to design to execution.

  • Web Design
    Web Design

    From facebook pages to an entirely new website, we would love to partner with you to create ripples in the cyberspace. The value that we bring over and above the design and layout lies in subtle aspects like functionality, ease-of-use and interactivity.

  • Packaging Design
    Packaging Design

    You can choose to follow the trend or set a new one. We love to create packaging that is a best fit of user information and pick me up appeal.

  • UI Design
    UI Design

    An application or a software utility is in your scheme of things? Talk to us for the interface design, it could make a difference between hmmm, haw and wow!